Do you need to make an announcement? Consider adding your message to the Sunday announcements presentation and the church’s web site. Simply email your message and contact information Allow three days for service. You will be contacted when your announcement has been posted

Audio Services

Services and events are audio taped. Audio CD’s are available immediately after services and upon request. If you would like audio services for a special event, submit a request via the link above. At least one week’s notice is required.

Brochure, Flyer, or Newsletter

Desktop Publishing services are available for any type of publication including signage and posters. Only the original print is provided. Copies and distribution are the responsibility of the requester or ministry. Additional costs to create signs and posters are also the responsibility of the requester or ministry.

eMail Accounts

Email accounts are available for Ministry Leaders upon request. These requests must be initiated by one of the following the Ministry Coordinators: Administration, Building and Grounds, Education, Media, Mission, Music, Pastoral Care, Services, or Youth. Please allow one week to create and verify the account


Media Downloads

(This is a link to the media page containing audio and video sermon files.)
Media Ministry Staff

Administration                                                                                     Online Services
Mary White………………….Coordinator                                                           Calendaring
                                                                                                                    Shelia Parker
Audio Services                                                                                  
Mixer                                                                                                          Social Media
Linwood White Jr.                                                                                        Lorna Hunter
CD Production                                                                                              Linda Holley
Linwood White Jr.
Video Services                                                                     Yolanda Winfield
Video Cameras                                                                                            Presentation Services
William Wessells…………..Coordinator                                                          Power Point
 Somari Abdulla                                                                                          Mary White
                                                                                                                    Yolanda Winfield
                                                                                                                    Lorna Hunter
Video Mixer/Live Broadcasting                                           
Mary White
Yolanda Winfield                                                                                          Announcements
Lorna Hunter                                                                                                Mary White
Shelia Parker                                                                                                Yolanda Winfield
Lisa Sampson                                                                                                Lorna Hunter
DVD Production                                                                    Brochures and Publications
Patrina Wessells………..Coordinator                                                               Lorna Hunter
Yolanda Winfield                                                                                           Mary White
Equipment Support                                                              Training
Mary White                                                                                                    Lorna Hunter
Lisa Sampson
Power Point presentations are provided upon request for special events, meetings, or special reports. You may provide test content only, or design preferences as well. Services also include assistance with equipment and operation of the slide show. Please provide one week for delivery.
Social Networking
The Media Ministry maintains the OGBC Facebook page. We can create an event for your special occasion. We can also initiate a chat session upon request. Please allow two days for delivery of service.
Video Services
Services and events are video taped. CD’s are available by requests. If you would like audio services for a special event, submit a request via the “Request Services” on the “Media Menu” link above. At least one week’s notice is required.
Website Maintenance and Support
 The Media Ministry provides regular updates to the OGBC site. This includes updating the calendar and home page announcements. The ministry is solely responsible for website maintenance.
Equipment Support
The Media Ministry maintains desktops, laptops, cameras, projectors, and their accessories. If you need to utilize the equipment for a special event or meeting, submit a request via the “Request Services” on the “Media Menu” link above. Please let us know. Please allow two days for delivery of service.
The Media Ministry maintains the OGBC online Calendar. However, all requests for calendar events must be submitted to the church office through the Administration link on the Ministries page.  You may also call 757-855-1609 to speak with the OGBC secretary.
Brochures and Publications
Brochures and other publications are provided upon request for OGBC ministries. You May provide draft content in addition to general requirements. Please also provide design preferences as well. Please provide three weeks for delivery.